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Exclusive Apollo Seiko ZSB feeding technology allows for the elimination of soldering defects by pre-perforating solder wire to allow for better out-gassing of the flux core.
Our built-in roulette cutting blade makes evenly spaced holes while precisely feeding solder wire. During soldering, the flux is released evenly through these holes. This provides consistent flux coverage without messy spattering and allows solder to melt on a clean, active surface.

SSA Automatic Solder Feeder

The SSA system is designed for use in automated environments such as filling solder pots automatically, feeding solder for copper joints, flame applications etc. If used to control the solder liquid surface level, it automatically keeps the level constant.

SSB Built-In Feeder Soldering Station

This unit increases the efficiency of manual solder work. Handling the iron unit and Feeding the solder are two actions that can be done with one hand. The solder wire feed length is controlled with a timer which provides good soldering quality, and the iron units can come in either pen or pistol type.
In addition, there are more than 20 different types of iron tips available. SSB is a soldering iron and solder wire feed function that has been integrated. You can select the pen or pistol type depending on the application. You can also use thick solder wire in the form of F2.0.

SSA et le SSB accept wire diameters from 0,4 mm to 2,0 mm.

(0.40 / 0.50 / 0.65 / 0.80 / 1.00 / etc)

These feeding units utilize a set of pinch rollers to feed the wire. The Zero Solder Ball (ZSB) rollers are not available on the SSB.

Technical specifications :

Type SSA & SSB Feeder
AC 220 V 50/60Hz
DC 5 Watt
Wire diameter
0.4 to 2.0mm
Feeding type
External control (pulse/continu)
Speed forward
10 to 30 mm/sec
Speed reverse
External control : 30 mm/sec
Clogged / shortage
Externam command
Available on SSA
Weight Approx. 2kg
Accessoieis included
SSA : connector I/O
Option Output feeding tube

Accessories :

I/O External commands SSA

SSA for feeding solder bath

SSB on solder iron

SSB on pistol

ZSB & LFD Solder Feeder
For Automated Soldering

These wire feeders can control feeding amount precisely via its pulse motor. It can also be upgraded with the ZSB roller blade as an optional attachment to prevent solder balls and flux spattering.

ZSB - Zero Solder Ball Feeder
The presence of solder balls during the soldering process are a primary cause of rework and inspection complications, especially in fine-pitch applications. Apollo Seiko's ZSB feeder system eliminates those issues by combating solder ball formation from the start.
The built-in roulette cutting blade makes evenly spaced holes while precisely feeding solder wire. During soldering, flux is released evenly through these holes, providing consistent flux coverage without spattering. The result: solder melts smoothly onto a clean, active surface.
Cette option est intéresante to partir d'un diamètre de fil de 0.5mm

Technical specifications :

Type LFD & ZSB Feeder
Wire diameter
0.4 to 1.6mm (option 0.3mm)
Speed forward / reverse
0.1 to 50 mm/sec
Clogged / shortage
Weight 1.3kg

Photos :

Feeder with option ZSB

ZSB : the built-in roulette cutting blade

Comparison splattering with and without ZSB

Video ZSB

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