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Jcat Lyra automatic soldering machine

   Brochure J-CAT LYRA

J-CAT LYRA is a new soldering robot with significantly improved base operational features, increased usability and durability.

Advanced Temperature Settings
Iron tip temperature can be set individually for each soldering point within the same program. As a result, high-quality soldering of components with different heat capacities, reliable filling of through-hole and perfect back fillets can be achieved.

Approach Function
The approach function allows for the programming of an additional axis movement during soldering. This helps to make programming and setup faster and easier for point teaching and also saves initial setup time.

Dual Iron Units & Feeders (Option)
The high-powered controller can operate two feeder units at the same time. This provides for a reduction in cycle time by 50%. Two iron units can also be utilized as an option, which is beneficial for soldering high heat capacity components.

Presentation J-CAT LYRA

Tip change in 10 sec.

Option 5 axes ARC5000

Technical Specifications :

Operation Range
X, Y Axes
200x200 mm
300x320 mm
400x400 mm
Z Axis
50 mm
100 mm
150 mm
R Axis
±360 °
Soldering Condition
Point and slide total; 500 conditions
Heater Capacity
Standard equipment; 300W high capacity heater
Power Source
AC94~260V (Single phase)
Power Consumption
Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm)
440x453x818 684x600x872
Weight (kg)
30 46 54

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