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   Brochure Soldering tips

For Automated and Manual Soldering

We offer over 100 types of iron cartridges of varying heater types and overall length for a variety of robotic applications, and over 20 styles for manual soldering. Designed to meet both lead and lead-free application requirements, some of our cartridge features and variations include:
  • A high-precision themocouple built directly into the tip, making them capable of detecting temperature fluctuations so that they can quickly be countered.
  • Our patented One-Touch-Quick-Change technology, allows cartridges to be changed in just 8 seconds without the worry of tools or tips having to be re-aligned after replacement.
  • A built-in nitrogen nozzle which saves space and allows for nitrogen to be applied directly to the target location.
  • If you are looking for a tip variation not listed below, please ask about our custom-cartridge service and we will happily get you what you need. For more technical information, reach

    Tip range Apollo Seiko

    10 seconds to remplace a solder tip

    technical specifications :

    For more information and product range of Apollo Seiko, please visit the website www.apollo-seiko-europe.com