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APOLLO SEIKO - Iron Tip Cleaners Nitrogen Gas Generator, various accessories

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CRB Air-Blow Tip Cleaners
These air blowers come in two variations, to be chosen depending on your application: the base CRB model with single-direction air current.

CRB-A2 Air-Blow Tip Cleaners
These air blowers come in two variations, to be chosen depending on your application: the CRB-A2 which blows air from both the front and back.

Sponges Rotary Iron Tip Cleaners SRC-500DC
The SRC-500DC wet sponges rotate in one direction to clean the iron tip. Soldering material and debris drop into the reservoir below for easy clean-up.

Brush Rotary Iron Tip Cleaners BRC-3000
This model's wet sponges can be programmed to rotate in both forward and reversed based upon I/O signal, allowing for a more thorough cleaning. BRC-3000.
The stainless steel brush rollers rotate and remove oxides and are designed specifically for lead-free soldering.

CSS-2100 Micro Monitoring Camera
The micro cameras easily attach to the Apollo soldering robot. The function of the CMOS camera is for teaching and process monitoring.
Due to the miniature size, each camera can be easily integrated
Type CSS-2100
1/4 inch collor CCIQ II
Indication Pixel
316K pixel
400 TV line
Picture Signal
NTSC video
Focus Distance (Min)
~20 mm
Min. Vision Area
~ 5mm(D) x 40mm(W)
Focus Distance (Max)
~ 100 mm
Max. Vision Area
~ 30mm(D) x 40mm(W)
Ambient Environment
-10C~45C, 85% no condensation
Voltage DC5~12V (AC 100~240V Multi Adapter)
Power Consumption
Accessories Attaching Bracket, Adapter, Power+Data Cable

SC+C301 Position Calibration System
This position calibration camera has been designed exclusively for use with our soldering robots
Type SC+C301
Compatible Robots
J-CAT/ JS series (without GRT, SCD, DSV robots)
Color CMOS sensor/ rolling shutter
Image Processing
FPGA high-speed picture processing engine (Incorporating camera)
Effective Pixels
HD1080: 1920x1080
Search Method
7 kinds of pattern matching (with pre-processing filter)
Registered Model Number
50 models (with retry functions)
Setting Method
Uses image correction software supported on Windows 7 and above
Robot Coordinates Calibration
X, Y, R axes
Camera for position calibration, lens, ring lightning (white), mounting bracket, converter, PoE injector, LAN cable (3pcs), HDMI cable, LAN HUB (not including monitor, PC or PC cable for settings)

Automatic Tip Position Correction Unit F71RH / FW71RH
This optical sensor prevents misalignment of a wearing iron tip.

Tip Thermometer TTM-140
The well-designed sensor allows for easy placement and accurate readings for iron tips. It achieves stable measurement within seconds.

Solder wire pre-heaterYPH-10
The stainless steel sleeve is equipped with two heaters to pre-heat the solder wire as it is being fed.
This helps to prevent solder ball spattering by pre-heating the solder wire & internal flux.
This is designed to be used with large diameter solder wire and is effective in reducing tact/cycle time as well as improving quality in lead free and tin/lead applications.

Nitrogen Gas Generator serie APN
Les générateurs APN sont conçus pour les robots de table et sont disponibles en 2 modèles :
Our APN generators are designed for desktop robots and are available in 2 models: the APN-05, a small, permeable-membrane system generator which can be attached externally or built directly into it a robot; and the APN-12 PSA system generator, a high-performance model which can be used with multiple robots and has a compact design for improved portability.

Model APN-05
Air Supply (only dry&clean air) 5~6Bar
Nitrogen Gas Flow 0.5 L/min
Nitrogen Gas Con 99% (when gas flow at 0.5L/min)
Dimensions (LxPxH) 110x200x100 mm

Model APN-12
Air Supply (only dry&clean air) 6.5~7Bar
Nitrogen Gas Flow 1.2 NL/min
Nitrogen Gas Con 99.99%
Dimensions (LxPxH) 310x270x310 mm

Nitrogen Gas Generator serie KSM-MR6

This large, PSA system N2 gas generator has a color touch panel which controls the N2 concentration and displays the amount of fluid flow.

Air Supply (only dry&clean air) 7.5Bar
Nitrogen Gas Flow 100 NL/min
Nitrogen Gas Con 99.99%
Dimensions (LxPxH) 1260x420x1218 mm

Fume Extractors

Solder fumes irritate eyes, nose and throat of workers and can cause equipment failures if they accumulate on machinery. For these reasons, we recommend a fume extractor and offer several solutions for various production environments.

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