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   Brochure L-CAT NEO N


The L-CAT NEO-N is the culmination of over 45 years of experience in the robotic soldering industry.

With this next-generation robot we've directly built in all necessary elements of modern selective soldering. Designed for either an in-line or lean manufacturing process, the L-CAT NEO-N is an exemple of both cutting-edge sophistication and high-speed operation performance.

The built in monitor on the NEO-N allows for viewing the soldering process and aides in programming the application. Robot teaching can be performed by the touch panel Teaching Pendant, a PC or an IPAD. Fiducial recognition and tip position alignment can easily be added to ensure proper tip & PCB alignment. This guarantees an accurate position and ensures the highest quality soldering results.

Throw in its X&Y motors with high-accuracy rotary encoders, achieving 0.01 mm resolution (repeatability 0.02mm) and a maximum speed of 750 mm/sec, and you can see what makes the EVO II a reliable choice.

Easily Adjusted Fiducial Recognition and Tip Position Alignment
Ensure proper tip & PCB alignment with ease. These features guarantee accurate tip positioning and the highest quality soldering results.

Built-in Montior + Variety of Supported Devices
The built-in monitor allows for immediate viewing of the soldering process and aides in programming the application. Software for the primary application is available fo Windows PC (OS: 7, 8.1, 10). Data management and robot teaching can also be managed from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows smartphone devices.

Programming Freedom Normally soldering robots have a fixed sequence to program solder parameters. However, the L-CAT NEO-N has a very flexible solder sequence that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application. The L-CAT NEO-N offers flexibility of parameter sequencing to provide solutions for high thermal energy, fine pitch devices, large & small lead combinations etc. The soldering parameters (solder feed amount, feeding speed & temperature) can be arranged in a sequence that provides a solution for each particular soldering challenge.

Technical Specifications :

Drive Method
Stepping Motor
Encoder 4-axes Applicable
Resolution X, Y, Z Axes
0.01 mm
R Axis
Operation Range
X, Y Axes
300x300 mm
400x300 mm
500x300 mm
Z Axis
80 mm
R Axis
±180 °
Portable Weight
6 kg
Axis Speed
X, Y Axes
Max : 1200mm/sec. , Min : 0.1mm/sec.
Z Axis
Max: 320mm/sec. , Min : 3.2mm/sec.
R Axis
Max : ±800°/sec. , Min : 8°/sec.
Repeatability X, Y, Z Axes
R Axis
Teaching Method
Remote Teaching (JOG)
Manual Data Input (MDI)
External Input/Output
Input :39 Output:39
Program Capacity
511 programs
Memory Capacity
500,000 point
Setting Temperature
Solder Feeding Speed
1.0~50.0 mm/sec
Solder Feeding Amount Resolution
0.1 mm
Solder Diameter
With ZSB Feeder
f0.4~f1.0mm(Option: f0.3,1.2,1.6mm)
With Normal Feeder
Heater Capacity
130W (Option: 200W available)
Nitrogen Generator
Standard equipment to robot included with digital flow meter
Display Language
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Power Source
AC94~260V (Single phase)
Power Consumption
650W max
Other Equipped with monitoring camera
Dimensions (WxDxH, in mm)
690x686x800 790x686x800
Weight (kg)
90 95 100

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