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Machines for wire and cable treatment Crimping - Trimming - Stripping

Crimping - Cutting - Unwinding - Stripping - Pre-Tinning

Wire, cable and tube cutting

machine de coupe de cable SP101
SP101 is an automatic cutting machine for cables, tablecloths, tubes...

Manual stripping machines

Automatic cutting and stripping machines

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Rotary stripping machines for large diameter cable

Drive, unwinding, unwinding, winding, receptacle for finished products

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   APF 121
Cable tractors up to 30mm thick for round or flat cable
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Cable reel and binding machine

Crimping and combined stripping / crimping machines

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Pneumatic crimping machine for wire and single-strand cable up to 50 mm²

Tinning machines, tablecloth separation, film and sheath cutting machines

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   Olamef SEF1 - SEF3
SEF1 et SEF3 : Separation of flat cable wires with 1.27 or 2.54 mm pitch.
The wires are separated individually.
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Sheath cutting machine
polyethylene plastic
width 200, 300 or 500mm
see machine Easy Pipe