PCB depaneling machine TABs and V-CUT for FR4 / SMI

PCB separators Olamef / Piergiacomi / STP


DPP 20 N     DP 23 N     DP 24 N     DP 25 N

PCB FR4 ou SMI separator stamp format
Manual hand tools
Isthmus max : 3.5mm
Range of tickness : from 1 to 2.5mm        

DPP 20 N     DPP 23 N     DPP 24 N     DPP 25 N

PCB FR4 ou SMI separator stamp format
Pneumatic tools
Isthmus max : 3.5mm
    VIDEO DPP                

PCB separator SEP 3
SEP 3 - Fast and accurate separation of printed circuit boards in postage stamp format.
The SEP3 machine performs the separation by hooks
The machine has T and L blades, standard and reinforced models.
Machine to be placed on a table.


PCB separator manual SEP1      
SEP1 - Compact, fast and economical machine for V-SCORING
The SEP1 separator separates PCBs quickly and economically. It requires only a small working area.


PCB separator motorised SEP1M
The SEP1M separator separates PCBs quickly and economically. It requires only a small working area.

PCB separator SEP2
SEP2 - Machine for separating V-SCORING printed circuit boards from the smallest to the largest model.
The SEP2 separator is particularly suitable for multi-circuit boards.
The circuit support table can be adjusted to the most suitable working position.

SEP2M PCB separator
SEP2M : This is the motorized and length programmable version of the SEP2.

DPF300 -   manual PCB trimming system

The DPF 300 electric can solve the needs in small series where the use of a clamp could damage the product and where the use of an automatic depanelizer.
The cutting quality is the same as with an automatic system, but at a lower cost.
Compatible with FR4 card and SMI aluminum PCB.
   DPF 200 (old model) - Complex shapes
   DPF 200 (old model) - Small boards
   DPF 300

Interchangeable steel track/guide L 10,5 mm, thickness 1.1 - 3.0 mm / steps 0.1mm
Ref.: DPF-GI-1.0 - DPF-GI-1.1 - DPF-GI-1.2 - DPF-GI-1.3 - DPF-GI-1.5 -DPF-GI-1.6 -DPF-GI-1.8 -DPF-GI-1.8 - DPF-GI-1.9 - DPF-GI-2.0 - DPF-GI-2.1 - DPF-GI-2.2- DPF-GI-2.3 - DPF-GI-2.4 - DPF-GI-2.5 - DPF-GI-2.6 - DPF-GI-2.7 - DPF-GI-2.8 - DPF-GI-2.9 - DPF-GI-3.0
Special custom guide (shorter or circular)
Ref.: DPF-GI-1.9VIT5-6 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT6 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT7 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT8 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT9 - DPF-GI-0,0/PXX
Milling Bits in hard metal for FR4 & CEM material - size 1.0 - 3.0 mm (10pcs. Pack)
Ref.: DPF-FF-1.0 - DPF-FF-1.1 - DPF-FF-1.2 - DPF-FF-1.3 - DPF-FF-1.5 -DPF-FF-1.6 -DPF-FF-1.8 -DPF-FF-1.8 - DPF-FF-1.9 - DPF-FF-2.0 - DPF-FF-2.1 - DPF-FF-2.2- DPF-FF-2.3 - DPF-FF-2.4 - DPF-FF-2.5 - DPF-FF-2.6 - DPF-FF-2.7 - DPF-FF-2.8 - DPF-FF-2.9 - DPF-FF-3.0
Milling Bits in hard metal for AL material - size 1.0 - 3.0 mm (10pcs. Pack)
Ref.: DPF-FA-1.0 - DPF-FA-1.1 - DPF-FA-1.2 - DPF-FA-1.3 - DPF-FA-1.5 -DPF-FA-1.6 -DPF-FA-1.8 -DPF-FA-1.8 - DPF-FA-1.9 - DPF-FA-2.0 - DPF-FA-2.1 - DPF-FA-2.2- DPF-FA-2.3 - DPF-FA-2.4 - DPF-FA-2.5 - DPF-FA-2.6 - DPF-FA-2.7 - DPF-FA-2.8 - DPF-FA-2.9 - DPF-FA-3.0

Inox Vacuum pipe
Ref.: DPF200-TF-005
ESD Rubber Tube 8 for Vaccum Pipe 20 cm
Ref.: TAV0806B-200
Catridge filter for dust case
Ref.: DPF-CAR-2.0 (DFP-200-E), DPF-CAR-3.0 (DFP-300)
Kit for Suction jet regulator
Ref.: 21192-41489

    CHARLY MILLING   Automatic PCB trimming system

CHARLY MILLING are automatic PCB cutting machines SMI, FR4, ...
The cuts can be made in all directions with linear or circular displacement.
The loading of the PCB is done by a simple or double drawers.
Board holder by dedicated tooling or universal support.
The operator interface manages the different programs, the cutting parameters, the maintenance alerts.
Programming is done by learning or by CAD.
Camera for simulation mode before cutting and PCB fiducial correction.
The small model DMC 303 has a machining axis movement of 360 x 300mm.
The DMC 603 has a maximum machining axis movement of 600 x 530mm.
The machine offers many options and custom solutions.