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Cobot welding and soldering application with collaborative robot Techman TM5

Omega automatic iron head on Techman cobot


Orion Industry offers a new automatic soldering solution with the integration of iron soldering on a collaborative robot.
This soldering method is a complete solution based on Techman Cobots and Apollo Seiko OMEGA soldering systems.
This will ensure reproducibility and limit the operator-dependent defects associated with manual soldering.

The cobot can perform many tasks, such as soldering parts with precision, improving quality and productivity in modern industrial environments.

Intelligence in the factory layout
With innovative features such as a vision system with built-in artificial intelligence, simple programming and automatic shutdown mechanisms that activate in the event of a collision with another object, cobot applications can help you increase productivity and become more competitive.


This robot has a high axial travel speed and is ideal for in-line applications designed for full automation
Faster setup with integrated vision
The integrated camera detects objects in a wide field of view, and the image-enhancing lighting function ensures object recognition under almost any conditions. The camera can be used to re-centre points before soldering.
It also allows for automated inspection.
The robot is available with a reach of 700 or 900 mm / load 6kg

The soldering unit is based on the OMEGA 300W with the RSP iron unit and the LFD or ZSB wire feeder.

Iron module OMEGA
    Type         OMEGA    
    Alimentation         240VAC (monophase)    
    Power         375W    
    Air pressure
    4 - 5 Bar    
    Solder ti wire         0.4~2.0mm
0.4~1.6mm for ZSB
0.3mm (in option)    
    Soldering profile         297 profiles (99 points,
99 linears, 99 specials)    
    Temp. setting         0~500°C    
    Heating power         200W (max)    
    Temperature stand-by         Settabable    
    Communication         MODBUS TCP/IP
Industry 4.0    
    Weight wire feeder         1.3kg    
    Weight solder head         0.8kg    

You can choose the arm lengths from Techman cobots depending on the work area you need to cover.
In addition to the automatic soldering iron technology, an induction soldering unit can also be integrated for wire soldering applications.
Cobot Techman TM5
    Type         TM5-700         TM5-900    
    Weight         22,1 kg
    22,6 kg    
    Max payload
    6 kg         4 kg    
    700         900    
    Typical Speed (m/s)
    1,1         1,4    
    Joint Range         J1         ±270°    
    J2, J4, J5         ±180°    
    J3         ±155°    
    J6         ±270°    
    Joint Speeds         J1, J2         ±180°/s    
    J3         ±180°/s    
    J4, J5         ±225°/s    
    J6         ±225°/s    
    Power Source
    AC240V (monophase)

Presentation of the soldering module at the SEPEM exhibition in Angers (France)

Assembling the Omega automatic soldering head on the Techman TM5 collaborative robot