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Equipements for electronic SMD plants

Soldering & Welding Smoke Extraction - Purex Autonomous Modules

Automatic machine equipment (wave, reflow oven, robot) - Purex 2000i
For welding wave machine and reflow oven applications.
Soldering, welding, coding, marking and laser graving.
This machine offers a capacity up to:
15 arms of 38mm.
10 x Cleancabs.
10 tips.
HEPA filter for filtration that removes 99.997% of particles up to 0.3 microns.
Activated carbon filters that eliminate harmful gases.
Control automatic flux and speed of capture.

Purex 2000i.jpg

Workstation Extraction - Purex Smoke Cube

This machine is designed to equip manual soldering stations.
Regulation of aspiration.
200m3 per hour.
Easy installation and use.
Adjusting the suction power via a potentiometer on the front panel.
Filter H14 and prefilter F5.

Purex Fume cube

Soldering Smoke Extraction - Smoke Vacuum Models CA1 & CA8

Extraction de fumée de soudage - Aspirateur de fumée de soudage modèles CA1 & CA8

Extraction de table - systèmes à poser sur un bureau ou fixer - Appareils ESD
The CA1 and CA8 suction systems are an economical and practical solution for the smoke problems generated during soldering operations. Smoke in the operator's environment is sucked up or down. The models are equipped with a compact fan combined with a polyurethane filter impregnated with activated carbon. The activated carbon filter helps purify the air of particles and odors. For the filter to be effective, it must be replaced regularly. The effectiveness of the activated carbon filter is approximately 150 to 200 hours of fume extraction.


SpecificationsModels CA1Models CA8
Extact capacity160 m3/hour340 m3/hour
Power18 Watt45 Watt
Noise45 dB45 dB
Weight 2 Kg3,6 Kg
Vacuum size171x138x70 mm275x240x145 mm
Arm developpement900 mm1040 mm
FilterActive carbon - No prefilter neededCarbon active - No prefilter needed


CA1-A à bras articulé
CA1-A arm
CA1-B avec statif
CA1-B statif
CA1-C à fixer
CA1-C to be fixed
CA8-A à bras articulé
CA8-A arm
CA8-B avec statif
CA8-B statif