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Equipements for electronic SMD plants

Soldering & Welding Smoke Extraction - Purex Autonomous Modules

Automatic machine equipment (wave, reflow oven, robot) - Purex 2000i
For welding wave machine and reflow oven applications.
Soldering, welding, coding, marking and laser graving.
This machine offers a capacity up to:
15 arms of 38mm.
10 x Cleancabs.
10 tips.
HEPA filter for filtration that removes 99.997% of particles up to 0.3 microns.
Activated carbon filters that eliminate harmful gases.
Control automatic flux and speed of capture.

Purex 2000i.jpg

Workstation Extraction - Purex Smoke Cube

This machine is designed to equip manual soldering stations.
Regulation of aspiration.
200m3 per hour.
Easy installation and use.
Adjusting the suction power via a potentiometer on the front panel.
Filter H14 and prefilter F5.

Purex Fume cube