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Ultrasonic stencil cleaner unit for solder paste deposit

GENSONIC : Stencil cleaner ultra sonic

The Gensonic is a manual ultrasonic cleaning system for stencils used in the screen printing of solder pastes and glues.

It can be used either directly on the screen printing machine or on the specific cleaning station Gensonic.

After the cleaning in manual without Gensonic one finds residues of cream to be soldered or adhesive "stuck" especially in the corners of the openings.

Gensonic is the most effective system because it combines the effectiveness of cleaning "chemistry" with that of mechanical action thanks to ultrasound.

With a 40KHz ultrasonic generator, the single sensor head cleans with great efficiency. However, for some more "severe" applications, such as glues; 2 sensor heads can be used on the same Gensonic unit.

The stencil is placed in the frame of the Gensonic cleaning center and is placed on a foam board covered with special disposable paper. At the end of each cleaned stencil, simply lift the frame, pull the paper and cut it.

This cleaning technique uses a minimum of "chemistry" to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce costs.
nettoyage ultrason
nettoyage ultrason

Station with Gensonic table, printing frame and reel of paper

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