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Dry cabinets - drying chambers MP DRY Cabinet

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  Dry Cabinets

The MP DRY CABINET series has outstanding performance for drying moisture-sensitive components and PCBs. The self-built dynamic drying unit MPDRY5 achieves very low humidity values below 0.5% RH ((Relative Humidity) , and regenerates automatically if necessary.

The double-insulated sandwich-metal construction ensures an accurate temperature of 60 °C with very low energy consumption. The drying process is performed by an air convection heater, with an appropriate level of temperature and humidity in the cabinet.

The process data is obtained by using a ROTRONIC sensor with an accuracy of ±0.8% RH and ±0.1K.
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Stainless steel ESD chassis with earth connections
Shelves in stainless steel 3/5/10, adjustable in steps of 20 mm 30 mm insulation material
Windows with metal coating (ensures strong insulation)
ESD wheels for easy handling + stainless steel ESD safety feet
Door open alarm, with user-defined time delay
Internal memory and USB connection for recording operating conditions, with user-defined interval
Network connection with possibility to download data via ethernet

MP-DRY-Cabinet-I MP-DRY-Cabinet-II MP-DRY-Cabinet-IV

References External dimensions Internal dimensions Volume
MP-DRY-Cabinet-I 700 x 960 x 680 mm 600 x 760 x 500 mm 230 liters
MP-DRY-Cabinet-II 700 x 1920 x 680 mm 600 x 1520 x 500 mm 460 liters
MP-DRY-Cabinet-IV 1410 x 1920 x 680 mm 1200 x 1520 x 500 mm 920 liters

The drying process in detail

According to IPC / JEDEC-J-STD-033B.1, all components of MSL classes 2a - 5a may be stored for an unlimited period of time at a water vapor content of less than 1.9 g / m³. If a greater amount of moisture is removed to the ambient air, the difference in vapor pressure is so great that the water molecules of these components overcome their adhesion forces and are released into the ambient air. The components are dried.

Dry storage systems guarantee optimal conditions, which create an atmosphere of 1 to 2% Hr at ambient temperature (v10) and in fact produce at a water vapor content of less than 0.6 g / m³ which are optimal conditions creating a vacuum of moisture. This phenomenon releases the already absorbed moisture, which will be removed by the drying process.

This process is very protective because the components are not exposed to any heat stress and there is no risk of oxidation or growth of intermetallic compounds.

To reduce drying times, this process can be thermally assisted by a slight heating of the cabinets. In order to avoid oxidation problems, it is essential that this process also takes place in a moisture vacuum. It is therefore important to use a reliable, efficient and simple drying system integrated into the production process, which in many cases will make the traditional Hot Bake dehumidification mode unnecessary at very high temperatures.