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High Performance & Lower Price fume / smoke absorber
Filtratec - 1 or 2 outlets solder fume extractor

Solder fume extraction for ovens and workstations

Filtratec stand-alone units

Module for manual workstation or automatic machine, reflow oven ...

The FILTRATEC-A extraction/filtration station is suitable for acid and solvent vapors.
This station is particularly used for engraving machines using iron perchloride.
Each station includes a HEPA filter + Neutrafil, 2 speeds, a powerful and very quiet turbine (inf. 52 dbA). A wireless remote on/off control is standard.
Compact model
Very quiet, less than 52 dbA
Comes standard with a HEPA filter
Delivered with a remote control on/off
Powerful turbine 255 m3/h
Can be connected to all CIF arm models
All FILTRATEC stations are delivered with a remote control.

Specifications Filtratec-A

  • Powerful 255 m3/h turbine
  • Remote on/off control Standard
  • Number of possible connections: 1 or 2
  • Efficiency of the micro filter (HEPA) Superior to 99.98%.
  • Gas filter efficiency (Neutrafil) Superior to 95%.
  • 2 suction speeds as standard
  • Recommended for soldering and tinning fumes at high speed
  • Recommended for acid vapors in slow speed
  • Recommended for solvents at high speed
  • Noise level at 1 meter less than 52 dbA
  • External dimensions L x W x H 307 x 307 x 410 mm
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Power 140 W
  • Electrical connection 230 V - 50/60 Hz

  • Models FILTRATEC-F for soldering fumes or solvants :
    - FILTRATEC-FT, 1 output : Ref. I51060.1
    - FILTRATEC-F1, module + Kit oven : Ref. I51025.1
    - FILTRATEC-F + Kit SA, module 1 output with arm : Réf. I51101.2
    - FILTRATEC-F + Kit A , module 2 outputs with arms : Réf. I51101.1
    - FILTRATEC-F + Kit F , module 1 output with cabinet CAB : Réf. X70001T.1

    Models FILTRATEC-A for the treatment of acid vapors