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Burst-und-zick - Lead Cutting Devive Type C 055h

Lead trimming Streckfuss C 055H

Description C055H :

The Burst & Zick Devices Type C 055 H is designed to cut the leads of axial or radial leaded components incl. IC's to the required length.

Cover plate and cutting tip are drilled with each other, so all leads will be cutted simultaneously. The plates are made of high-quality tool steel hardened to 60 HRC and polished.

- dimension 280 x 140 x 120 mm
- weight approx. 1.5 kg
- pitch 13 x 21 drill holes
- hole pattern TO 18/TO 92/TO 5: 2.54 x 1.27 mm; 5.08 x 2.54 mm;
7.62 mm x 5,08 mm; Round-pitch for operational amplifiers with 8 and 10 leads; and laterally slit for cutting of components with long leads.
- cut length standard 3 mm (other dimensions on inquiry)
- drill Ø 1.1 mm (others on inquiry)
- production rate approx. 1.500 pcs/hr
- operation manually
remark special drill holes on inquiry