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Machines for components and cable treatment

Streckfuss - Burst and Zick - Olamef - Piergiacomi

Preforming equipements for THT components

Preparation of the wiring of traditional electronic boards


Analyze your need - Offer you the most suitable equipment for your manufacturing process
Our range of machines fully covers the needs of an EMS.
Startup, training and technical support are directly managed by Orion Industry.

Services :

  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Project definition

          Catalog Streckfuss Burst und Zick - Click here - File PDF 1.3MB
          Catalogue Complet Olamef - Click here - File PDF 1.9MB
          Catalog Piergiacomi tooling - Click here - File PDF 5.3MB

    Streckfuss / Burst & Zick

    Forming and cutting
    Streckfuss C034 Streckfuss C057 Streckfuss C069
    Olamef / Iteco

    Forming and cutting
    Olamef TP6/1 Olamef TC4 Olamef TS1

    Forming and cutting
    tools & machines
    pince Piergiacomi pince Piergiacomi pince Piergiacomi