C052B Cutting- and Forming device for loose radial components

Streckfuss C052 B

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Description C052 B :

The model C052/B is designed to cut and form radial components with 2 leads. A variety of form shapes are possible through the use of interchangeable die sets.

Two Bending forms can be choosed:

  • distance wave
  • zz-Wave bended to inside or outside

    The die sets can be manufactured to customer specification.

    The triangular shaped center die allows components with lead spans from 3.5 mm to 20 mm to be processed on a single die. Adjustments are provided for the placement and exaggeration of the form.

    Easy to operate, the C052/B offers an economical solution to quality forming of loose, radial components.

    - Dimensions 350 x 100 x 200 mm
    - Weight ca. 15 kg
    - Air 4 - 6 bar
    - Pitch - different pitches possibles with same tool mini. 3,5 mm (2,5 mm in option)
    maxi. 25 mm
    - Lead Ø max. 0.8 mm
    - Operation pneumatic pedal

  • C052 B