DFP300, depaneling milling machine for PCB TABs for FR4 and SMI aluminium

PCB depaneling milling machine


DPF300 -   manual PCB trimming system for PCB separation

DPF300 manual PCB trimming system
DPF300 manual PCB trimming system
DPF300 manual PCB trimming system

Piergiacomi DPF 300 is a manual depaneling system designed to solve needs of depanellizing for small and medium series, when the use of pliers could aggravate the product of an excessive labour and the use of an automatic depanellizing would not justify amortization costs.
DPF 300 cuts the isthmus with the same quality of an automatic system but with lower costs. Its main feature is the possibility to change in a very fast way the milling cutter and the interchangeable guide.
The guide is useful to quickly assist the operator to place and then to drag the circuit until the cut is done.
It's particular shape avoids to damage the assembled circuit if the operator, inserting it wrongly, doesn't match perfectly the guide into the eyelet. The particular design of the guide gives a total protection against possible incidents according to safety rules.
DPF 300 has been developed to solve problems due to stress, break or tearing out of PCB's fibers that often occur using standard blades or manual tools that today, with the increasing complexity and miniaturization processes, it is not well tollerated.
The integrated vacuum system allows to place DPF 300 easily and quickly in any working area.


  • For straight and circular boards
  • Interchangeable guide in hardened and tempered steel
    Standard PCB thickness: 1.0-3.0 mm
  • Max. PCB thickness: 4.0 mm (option)
  • Slot lenght (L): min. 11 mm (standard)
  • Slot lenght (L): min. 5.5 mm (possible in option)
    Slot width (V): for a standard guide 1.0-3.175 mm (tolerance 0 / - 0.02 mm)
  • Isthmus distance from components (C): min. 1 mm
  • Milling cutters in hard metal with specific geometry for FR4, CEM and aluminium cut (for aluminium special milling cutters are needed)
  • Standard diameters: 1.0-3.175 mm
  • Electrical micro spindle speed: max. 24000 rpm
  • Integrated electrical aspiration system located directly on the interchangeable guide, with integrated cartridge filter (1" -1/4)
  • Signal light suction tube for dust
  • Laminated ESD table with EPB 90°, ESD zinc coated steel frontal feet and rear Ø 80mm turning wheels with brakes
  • Vibrations: < 2,5 m/s²
  • Acoustic pressure level : 80db (A), (± 3db) measured at operator's site
  • Working area needed: 164x170cm
  • Dimensions : 64x 70x 95(H) cm
  • CE mark

       DPF 200 (old model) - Complex shapes
       DPF 200 (old model) - Small boards
       DPF 300

    Interchangeable steel track/guide L 10,5 mm, thickness 1.1 - 3.0 mm / steps 0.1mm
    Ref.: DPF-GI-1.0 - DPF-GI-1.1 - DPF-GI-1.2 - DPF-GI-1.3 - DPF-GI-1.5 -DPF-GI-1.6 -DPF-GI-1.8 -DPF-GI-1.8 - DPF-GI-1.9 - DPF-GI-2.0 - DPF-GI-2.1 - DPF-GI-2.2- DPF-GI-2.3 - DPF-GI-2.4 - DPF-GI-2.5 - DPF-GI-2.6 - DPF-GI-2.7 - DPF-GI-2.8 - DPF-GI-2.9 - DPF-GI-3.0
    Special custom guide (shorter or circular)
    Ref.: DPF-GI-1.9VIT5-6 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT6 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT7 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT8 - DPF-GI-1.9VIT9 - DPF-GI-0,0/PXX
    Milling Bits in hard metal for FR4 & CEM material - size 1.0 - 3.0 mm (10pcs. Pack)
    Ref.: DPF-FF-1.0 - DPF-FF-1.1 - DPF-FF-1.2 - DPF-FF-1.3 - DPF-FF-1.5 -DPF-FF-1.6 -DPF-FF-1.8 -DPF-FF-1.8 - DPF-FF-1.9 - DPF-FF-2.0 - DPF-FF-2.1 - DPF-FF-2.2- DPF-FF-2.3 - DPF-FF-2.4 - DPF-FF-2.5 - DPF-FF-2.6 - DPF-FF-2.7 - DPF-FF-2.8 - DPF-FF-2.9 - DPF-FF-3.0
    Milling Bits in hard metal for AL material - size 1.0 - 3.0 mm (10pcs. Pack)
    Ref.: DPF-FA-1.0 - DPF-FA-1.1 - DPF-FA-1.2 - DPF-FA-1.3 - DPF-FA-1.5 -DPF-FA-1.6 -DPF-FA-1.8 -DPF-FA-1.8 - DPF-FA-1.9 - DPF-FA-2.0 - DPF-FA-2.1 - DPF-FA-2.2- DPF-FA-2.3 - DPF-FA-2.4 - DPF-FA-2.5 - DPF-FA-2.6 - DPF-FA-2.7 - DPF-FA-2.8 - DPF-FA-2.9 - DPF-FA-3.0

    Inox Vacuum pipe
    Ref.: DPF200-TF-005
    ESD Rubber Tube Ø8 mm for Vaccum Pipe 20 cm
    Ref.: TAV0806B-200
    Catridge filter for dust case
    Ref.: DPF-CAR-2.0 (DFP-200-E), DPF-CAR-3.0 (DFP-300)
    Kit for Suction jet regulator
    Ref.: 21192-41489