Charly Robot - automatic depaneling machine - trim electronic boards by milling

Postage stamp size FR4 SMI aluminum electronic board removal by milling

    Documentation CHARLY MILLING (fr)

CHARLY MILLING is a range of automatic cutting machines for SMI, FR4, ...
The cuts can be made in all directions with linear or circular movement.
The loading of the boards is done by a single or double drawers.
Board support by dedicated tooling or by adjustable support.
The software manages the different programs, the cutting parameters, the state of erosion of the cutters, maintenance alerts.
The programming is done by learning or by CAD.
Camera for simulation mode before cutting and test patterns.
The small model CM 4U has a 305 x 215 mm machining stroke.
The CM 2U model has a maximum machining stroke of 580 x 400 mm. We offer many options.

Made in France