Cab hektor 2 maestro 4 PCB Separator machine for Tab-route, TABs PCB
Depaneling machine for V-scoring V-groove, V-CUT CAB Maestro 2, Maestro 2M, Maestro 4S , Maestro 5L , Maestro 6


    Documentation CAB separators

Separator Hektor 2
HEKTOR 2 - Separates TABs milled PCBs carefully and quickly
PCBs are separated carefully and quickly, off-cuts are removed precisely and smoothly.
A two-part matrix enables the different blades to be assembled resp. exchanged easily.

Separator MAESTRO 2/2M
MAESTRO 2/2M V-groove - Compact, is the affordable entry-level device to handle smaller demands.
PCBs are fed between the circular blades manually to be separated.

Motor-driven to separate large numbers of PCBs without tiring.
The lower circular blade is motor-driven.
The PCB is fed, seized by the circular blade, transported and separated.
The device especially fits with highly dense assembly or slim margin strips.
Three speeds can be selected.

Separator MAESTRO 3E
MAESTRO 3E - For small and large PCBs with pre-scored groove

he MAESTRO 3E separates both small and large PCBs.
The support table and the rest can be set continuously to the best possible operational position.
By adjusting the distance between the linear blade and the rest, margin strips can fall through and are sorted out.

Separator MAESTRO 4S
MAESTRO 4S - Stress-free separation of pre-scored PCBs

MAESTRO 4S separates both small and large PCBs quickly and economically without stress.

Key features:
- Blade distance to be entered on the operation panel is set motor-driven.
- Up to nine programs to be stored
- Separation length to be continuously adjusted via limit switches
- In terms of a preventive blade maintenance, the cutting performance is displayed.

Separator MAESTRO 5L
MAESTRO 5L - When large numbers of pre-scored PCBs need to be separated

It can be used economically when large quantities of milled PCBs have to be separated.

Up to 15 PCBs arranged next to one another can be separated simultaneously. 310 mm is the maximum passage width.

The distances and the number of circular blades are adapted to the PCB.
Solid and precisely manufactured blade shafts ensure smooth PCB separation.
The hardened and ground and titaniumcoated circular blades achieve a high running performance.

PCBs are inserted to the guide manually or are fed automatically by a loader resp. an external conveyor belt.
When separated, the PCBs are deposited on the built-in conveyor belt.

A SMEMA interface provided, installation in an assembly line is possible (for information see the operator's manual). With the help of a base frame vertically adjustable,
MAESTRO 5L can be adapted to any application.
A possibility to connect an extraction and filter device is in preparation.

Separator MAESTRO 6
MAESTRO 6 -Separating pre-scored PCBs up to 1,500 mm in length with a minimum of stress
Separation of milled PCBs up to a length of 1,500 mm with a minimum of stress on the components
The MAESTRO 6 is the consequent further development of the proven cab PCB separators.
Even very lengthy PCBs can be separated fast, economical and without stress.

The carriage power unit is assembled behind the linear blade.
This crucially simplifies the separation and removal of the PCBs.

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