Piergiacomi PCB depaneling machine TABs and V-CUT for FR4 / SMI

PIERGIACOMI SMA10L & SMA10DL, PCB Separator V-cut with 2 or 4 Blades (Al, FR4)

PCB depaneling machine V-scoring V-Cut

Electric depaneling machine SMA10L / SMA10DL for V-CUT


SMA10L manual PCB trimming system
SMA10DL manual PCB trimming system

Piergiacomi SMA-10DL PCB Separator for v-scoring boards, equipped with 4 blades.
Specially designed for long boards (Lighting industry), up to 600mm length, SMA-10DL works on CEM, FR4 and also on Aluminium substrates (MCPCB).
Thanks to its unique design, SMA-10DL can depanel both short and long boards bare or populated (in this last case the maximum component heigth is 32mm).
The alignment system allows three degrees of regulation.
The first regulation is the height of the reference plan in relation to the cutting tool; this is achieved by an apposite knob.
Then a guide allows to easily position the scored line aligned with the cutting tool, and finally a mechanical reference assures the correct positioning of the panel.
The guide can be easily adjusted to compensate different scoring depth.

Specifications :
  • Power: < 100W / Voltage: 230V
  • SMA-10L with 2 blades, 125mm diameter
    Works on CEM, FR4 PCBs
  • SMA-10DL with 4 blades, 125mm diameter
    Works on CEM, FR4 and Aluminium PCBs
  • PCB thickness (bare): from 0.8 to 1.6 mm
  • Max. PCB dimensions: 220 x 230 mm
  • Max. PCB dimensions (with 2 table extensions): 600 x 230 mm
  • Manual Z control (blades adjustment): 10mm
  • Manual table's height adjustment: 10mm
  • Working area: 750 x 1200 mm
  • Manufacturer: Piergiacomi / Made in Italy
  • CE mark.