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Piergiacomi MMP 15 cutting machines for loose radial components


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PIERGIACOMI - MMP 15 - Cutting machine

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      MMP 15
MMP 15
MMP 15 is a pneumatic machine designed to cut different untaped components (transistor, led, capacitor, resistor, etc.).
Similar to MMP10 but with a bigger run.
Standard cut is 3mm, but it can be modified increasing the thickness by means of the mask included (height 1.5mm).
Diameter of components leads the machine can cut goes from 0.3 to 1.3mm for a maximum number of 60 leads at the same time.

  • Productivity: 3000 cph
  • Dimensions (LxPxH): 38x10x7.8 cm
  • Weight (kg): 7,8
  • Working area: 51x93 mm

  • mmp_15_tech.jpg