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Piergiacomi 2000 SE cutting and forming machine for loose radial components


PIERGIACOMI - electronic component cutting and preforming machines -

PIERGIACOMI - 2000 SE - Cutting & forming machine

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      2000 SE
MMP 15
2000 SE standard version
2000 SE is an electric machine for the forming and cutting(standard height 3mm) of untaped electronic component terminals.
2000 SE is supplied with a further cutting mask (1.5mm height).
Several forming masks are available on request.

Holes diameter: 1.2 mm
Eyelet diameter: 1.0 mm

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This system is supplied with a IP 220V plug - plug adaptor with GP 220V/240V plug type.
  • Productivity: 1300 - 1800 cph
  • Dimensions (LxPxH): 20x28x9.5 cm
  • Weight (kg): 10

  • 2000 SE