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Seamark XC1000 X-Ray chip component counter
SMD reel tester X-ray component counter

SMT reel X-ray component counter

seamark-xc1000 X-Ray SMD Reel Counter
A Leader in the Intelligent x-ray Detection Equipment 15 years experience in this field, Makes us understanding the customers demand and requirement very well!
X-Ray SMD Reel Counter Equipment introduction-counting tray within 5-15 Seconds

SEAMARK ZM X-ray counting machine, perfect eliminates the problem of traditional rotary chip counting machine, 1. Long time for manual counting; 2. High labor cost for input.

The Seamark ZM X-ray Component counting machine can measure hundreds to 100,000 disk chips about 15 seconds, and the disk diameter ranges from 180 mm to 430 mm. The conveyor belt movement provides a 100% automatic detection environment.

X-Ray SMD Reel Counter Equipment Features:

  • Automatic component recognition
  • Automated parameter setting and counting of unknown components Intelligent database on site
  • Verification of results through plausibility check;a prerequisite for automation.
  • Counting of component chains:new software counts with the highest precision big building parts in high volume packaging
  • Dry pack:special software function recognizes interference factor and the evaluation is only directed at the building parts
  • Quad-Count-Fourfold counting:we count four bundles in 15 seconds with a scan
  • Stick & Tray:high precision counting in less than15 seconds
  • Order counting (exact use per order)

  • Inventory mode
  • 2D inspection for electronic components and assembled circuit boards
  • Individuals solutions (customized)
  • Increased productivity based on precise inventory knowledge
  • Planning safely based on precise actual inventory;
  • Reduction of downtime and multiple setting-ups;
  • Post-order calculation of the used material immediately after completion of the process;
  • Reliable delivery terms,increased customer satisfaction.
  • Cost reduction based on automated component counts
  • No special procurement and cost intensive additional purchases;
  • Inventory reduction based on real stock;
  • Reduction of capital tie-up;
  • Optimized storage;
  • No safety stock levels and scrapping.

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