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Universal vacuum sealer packing machine for moisture sensitive products
PCB reel smd electronic components, memory, IC, BGA, TQPF ...
VS450M, VS450E, VS600E


Vacuum bag sealers with external aspiration and vacuum tank sealers

These machines are used to prevent oxidation, pollution or to package a product.
Vacuum packing machines are often used in the electronics industry as well as in the food industry.

Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer Electric Model pneumatic & motor driven

References: PACKER VS-450M VS-450E VS-600E VS-800E

    Packer VS-450M

    Packer VS-450E


Compact machines, 100% stainless steel, sealing length 450, 600 or 800 mm, external nozzle, optional nitrogen injection.
Easy to use and high productivity thanks to its nozzle that moves in the bag.
No compressed air required for the VS-450M model (220VAC electrical connection only)
Quiet, used in offices, laboratories (clean room), small industry, etc.
Capable of producing up to 1,500 to 3,000 packages per day (A4 size)

Stainless steel frame with many features:
Shelf adjustable in height over 15 cm
LCD screen indicating the operation (current vacuum value),
of the machine status (auto / manu / vacuum / sealing / cooling),
cycle counter, nitrogen management (option) ...

Different programming modes:

  • Sealing only
  • Vacuum + sealing
  • Optional vacuum + gas injection + sealing

  • Vacuum modes :
  • Programmable in vacuum value( kpa)
  • Programmable in time (sec.)
  • Sealing programmable in time (0 - 2.5 sec.)
  • Cooling programmable in time (0 - 5 sec.)
  • USE :
    Key lock to prevent unauthorized settings
    Complete cycle automatically managed by the program (vacuum - (gas) - sealing - cooling)
    - The nozzle automatically moves back if there is no work for 60 seconds after the start of the vacuum process.
    - The upper sealing bar rises automatically after 2 seconds if the sealing process does not start.
    Process control by vacuum degree (unit: kpa) or time (sec)
    Indication of any malfunction on the LCD display.

    SAFETY :
    Safety sensor ensuring the lifting of the sealing bar when a finger, an object or a foreign material is positioned between the 2 sealing bars.

    - Industrial goods: electronics, semiconductors, medical, optics, mechanical parts and materials, etc..,
    - Food: Meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, hot food, etc.

        Code     VS-450M     VS-450E     VS-600E
        Structure     Stainless steel     Stainless steel     Stainless steel
        Weight     30 kg     32 kg     32 kg
        Sealing length     450 mm     450 mm     600 mm
        Sealing width     10 mm     10 mm     10 mm
        Vacuum creation     integrated pump     Compressed air ejector     Compressed air ejector
        Vacuum capacity     1,5m³/h     5m³/h     5m³/h
        Productivity format A4     1500 part/h     3000 part/h     3000 part/h
        Maximum vacuum     76 Kpa     86 Kpa     86 Kpa
        Energies     220VAC 1.7KW     220VAC 1.7KW / Air 6 bars     220VAC 2.2KW / Air 6 bars

    Options :
  • Machine also available in 800 mm sealing width.
  • Increased vacuum pump capacity up to 39 m3/h
  • Gas injection (nitrogen)

  • machine-de-mise-sous-vide-professionnelle

    Professional universal vacuum packing machine automatic vacuum packing machine internal chamber

    References VSC-404 / VSC-606 / VSC-608

    Features :

    - Divided by desktop & stand type model by single chamber size.
    - When vacuum packing the itens, can watching inside cause of transparency acrylic cover.
    (If customer wants ti SUS materials for cover of chamber, can supply too)
    - Cover of body prevents corrosion from the moist or salty by use SUS 304 material.
    - Digital control type; 5 memories, vacuum time can be fine adjusted by 0.1 second.

        Code     VSC 404     VSCS 606     VSCS 608
    Body: SUS304, Sealing Bar: AL anodizing
        Weight     49 kg     130 kg     145 kg
        Sealing Size     415 x 3,2 mm / 2 lines     600 x 3,2 mm / 2 lines     600 x 3,2 mm / 2 lines
        Chamber In     430 x 455 x 160mm     620 x 600 x 170mm     620 x 700 x 170mm
        Vacuum Pump     400 liters/minutes     600 liters/minutes     800 liters/minutes
    3 parts / minute
        Chamber Open     Shover     Ressorts     Spring
    220VAC MONO

    Options :
  • Gas flushing function available)

  • Link to ITECO range of vacuum sealers