Galileo Incoming System with traceability ERP - Register your components quickly and securely

Galileo scanner table - Ergonomic reception desk

Automated recording of incoming data in complete security

Detailed inventory and traceability of components: :
Enables reliable receiving by automatically identifying and controlling deliveries and stocks of SMD components.

Ergonomic reception desk Galileo


Record all incoming component data quickly and without errors.

The Galileo incoming system allows to automate the identification process through automatic detection with viewing of the component labels data.

The software automatically recognizes both 1D and 2D barcodes (QR-code and DataMatrix), catalogs them according to the labeling methods of each manufacturer and automatically creates a unique code for each package, directly printing the label to be affixed and used. later with the Archimede system.

In addition to exponentially speeding up the data collection operation, it completely eliminates labeling errors that can arise if this operation is carried out manually by an operator.


Galileo contrôle d'entrée composant CMS
Galileo Incoming System
Automatically manage and register your components with supplier data via the Galileo camera scanner and print labels directly with their unique codes (UID).
Galileo contrôle d'entrée composant CMS
Scanner - Galileo vision system
Automatically obtain all component data with the Galileo vision system.
Galileo contrôle d'entrée composant CMS
Label printer
Print UID labels directly with the built-in label printer.

Galileo contrôle d'entrée composant CMS
Recognition of component data
All component data is automatically recognised and linked to the various fields in the database.

Video System Galileo