Electronics manufacturing stencil traceability smart storage for stencil 23", Vector Guard®, Alpha TetraBond® tools ...


ARCHIMEDE SMART STORAGE : Smart cabinet for vertical storage stencils

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Armoire programmable de rangement vertical des stencils

Programmable vertical stencil storage cabinet
This "intelligent" cabinet enables you to store and identify SMD screen printing screens in your workshops.
Scan the barcode or data matrix code present on your product, and its location will automatically light up on the cabinet thanks to the colored LEDs!
You can also identify all types of tooling with Smart Bars: stencils, wave frames, varnishing trays...

The Archimede Stencil cabinet is designed to accommodate frameless stencils in its cardboard box, DEK™Vector Guard® Cookson™ Alpha TetraBond®, DEK™Vector Mount® , Cookson™ SCS Alpha Tetra® and canvas stencils.
Customized stencils?
Don't panic, just ask our experts and we'll find a solution for you!
Each Archimede shelf can hold up to 240 frameless foil stencils or 120 aluminum bar stencils on 0.60 square meters!
Worried about dust?
Archimede Stencil can be fitted with elegant glass doors to protect against contamination.

The Archimede Stencil cabinet is natively connected to the Archimede server environment.
Stencils can be added to your BOMs and requested remotely when the configuration is changed.
Find the stencils you need for production easily, quickly and without error.

  • Secure your production
  • Save time when launching production runs
  • Keep track of your screens
  • Eliminate cardboard packaging waste
  • Store all your stencils in one place

    stencil storage
    120 stencils DEK™Vector Guard® Cookson™ Alpha TetraBond®
    or 240 stencils de type DEK™Vector Mount® , Cookson™ SCS Alpha Tetra®
    stencil storage
        Cabinet with two racks stencils