Crystal connector RJ45 crimping machine 4 poles up to 10 poles



presse-sertissage RJ45

The self-locking function allows only one crimp to be made when the foot pedal is pressed or the switch is triggered, regardless of how long the switch is activated or the pedal is pressed. pedal.
The 2 jaws of the crimping tool (serrated and pressure jaws) can be adjusted independently in order to easily set the crimping depth. depth of crimping.
The motor with gearbox has a reduction ratio of 1:12.5 and a shaft diameter of shaft diameter of 15 mm

Supply of one tool set

            RJ45 CRIMPER    
    Gamme de connecteurs         4 poles - 10 poles    
    Dimensions         360 x 154 x 262 mm    
    Weight         15 kg    
    Motor power         120 W    
    Power supply         220 VAC / 1 phase