Burst-und-zick - Cutting and Forming Machine Type C 068 for power transistors TO 126, TO 127, TO 220 TOP3 ...

Streckfuss C 068

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Description C068 :

The Burst & Zick machine Type C 068 is designed to process power transistors of types TO 18, TO 92, TO 126, TO 127 and TO 220 with 3 or more radial leads. Also different components (e.g. LED's) can be processed, which fit into the supply-shaft of the machine.

The operation of the machine is restricted on filling up the exchangeable feed magazine with components to be processed. After the processing action the components are then desposited into a second tube for collection.

The tools are equipped with strain relief-valves to eliminate stress to the component body, when the leads are bend and cut. Once formed and cut the component is stored in a collection bin, seperated from shavings.

The tool-change for different forms takes only about 2 minutes.

- dimension 1100 x 550 x 500 mm
- weight approx. 20 kg
- electrical 230 V / 50 Hz / 110 W
- pitch 2.5 mm and others
- lead Ø any
- operation by engine (continuously variable)
- components loose or sticks
- production rate 3.500 pcs/hr

Version C067
Version C068