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SMT repair station for SMD BGA LED components
Hot air gun soldering machine

SMT rework station machine able to repair from BGA to chip 01005

Semi-automatic optical machine

This machine is suitable for reworking any SMD, BGA, QFP Micro-chip, QFN, hybrid components, CHIP 01005 ...etc.
Repair BGA components up to 0.5mm x 0.5mm pitch.


Description :

  • Stable and uniform warm air heating system
  • Adjustable lower heater
  • Carbon fiber infrared preheater
  • High temperature control system PID precision
  • High definition industrial CCD camera (1.3 MP)
  • High precision optical alignment system
  • Human interface with high resolution touch screen
  • Automatic placement, desoldering
  • Integrated pressure sensor system to protect the PCB
  • Temperature monitoring

    Desoldering BGA

    Mounting & soldering TSOP

     Documentation ZM-R720A