Automatic tin soldering machine with iron, laser and induction

The companies WOLF, APOLLO SEIKO and CEIA are undisputed major players for more than 20 years in micro welding and micro soldering techniques.
Tin soldering :
Automated soldering robots replace the manual soldering and assembly operations of electronic components, wires or cables. The technologies mainly used in microsoldering are laser, iron, induction or selective with solder bath.

The WOLF iron and laser soldering means are dedicated for very large soldering applications. The cells are integrated in line, or with loading by drawers or rotating trays.
Les cellules sont intégrées en ligne, ou avec chargement par tiroirs ou par plateaux tournants.

The APOLLO SEIKO iron soldering means are lower cost solutions.
Apollo Seiko offers solder heads for integration and complete cells.
The complete cells have the soldering head mounted on a 4-axis system, and the loading of the parts to be soldered is in manual.

CEIA offers induction soldering means.

Link to each soldering technique

-     WOLF - Laser soldering with diodes (spot soldering)

-     WOLF - soldering soldering iron (Iron head on 4-axis robot)

-    APOLLO SEIKO - soldering by soldering iron

-    CEIA - Induction soldering

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