Glue and Solder Paste Dispensing Equipment - Manual Dosing Unit

Paste or Glue Solder Paste Dispensing Equipment

Dotty Dispensor

Analog DOTTY SMD 150 professional dosing unit
The CMS 150 DOTTY dispenser is a system for dispensing fluids by time and pressure.
It is recommended for soldering cream, glue, grease, silicone...
This precision fluid dosing system can work in manual or semi-automatic mode.
It has a venturi system and must be connected to a compressed air network.
It is a reliable and economical model.

Features and benefits:
  • Compact
  • Economical solution
  • Ensures a reliable and precise dosage
  • Manual or semi-automatic mode
  • Comes ready to use with foot pedal, air hose, sample needles, syringe and 10cc syringe adapter.

    Technical Specifications:
  • Model CMS 150 DOTTY
  • Operating modes: Manual and semi-automatic
  • Air source: Max 0.99 Mpa
  • Pressure settings: 0.05-0.99 Mpa
  • Speed: 600 cycles/minute
  • Dispense time: 0.01-1s; 0.1-10s; 0.2-20s; 0.3-30s
  • Tolerances: +/- 0.05%.
  • Dimensions : 235 x 225 x 63 mm
  • Net weight : 2,2 Kg
  • Total power : 8 W
  • Electrical connection : 230 V, 50/60 Hz

    Order reference :
  • Ref.: V900123C
  • doseur-colle-pate-a-braser-cms


    Digital professional dosing device DOTTY SMD 450 V2

    - Professional device for dosing glues, soldering creams and all low viscosity products.
    - Works independently or in combination with a placement station.

    - Can work in several different modes:

    Manual dosing: By pressing the control, the product will be deposited as long as the control is activated.
    Releasing the control will stop the deposit.

    Semi-automatic dosing: By pressing the command, a deposit of x quantity will be made once.
    Release the button and press it again to make a new deposit.

    Automatic dosing: By keeping the button pressed, a deposit of x amount will be made every x repetitions until the button is released.

    Learning: With this mode, you automatically define the deposit and repetition times according to the work to be done.
    Just make 10 manual deposits at the required rate and the device will analyze and average the appropriate times.
    At the end of the learning mode, the device will be in automatic mode.
    You can then save your deposit.

    Component: Allows you to memorize a sequence of 99 steps per learning mode (example: creation of the C.I. impression deposit) 10 memories from P0 to P9 are accessible.

    Characteristics and advantages :
  • Immediate handling
  • Light and ergonomic
  • 5 programming modes: manual, semi-automatic, automatic, learning & component
  • Versatile, all types of products
  • Memorization of 10 programs

    The dispenser is delivered complete with a set of needles and a foot pedal.
    Connection to compressed air network or compressor.

    Technical data :
  • Supply voltage : 230 V AC - 50 Hz
  • Power: 10W
  • Max. pressure 10 bars allowed at the inlet
  • Operating pressure : 0,1 to 7 bars in deposit mode
  • Noise level : less than 40 dBA
  • Dimensions : 250 x 140 x 140 mm
  • Weight : 1,8 kg

    Order reference :
  • F41020.1
  • doseur-colle-pate-a-braser-cms