Benchtop Vapor Phase Reflow Oven - VS-500-V.

Condensation Reflow Furnace VS-500-V - Soldering Excellence

Model VS-500-V


This compact vapour phase soldering machine is capable of soldering even the most complex boards up to a maximum size of 500 x 500 x 60 mm while ensuring optimum quality thanks to the inert atmosphere of the used medium.
An incomparable temperature delta over the entire component.
No handling errors during the cycle.
New features,

  • A high performance cooler
  • Possibility to go up to 10 temperature levels
  • ESD paint
  • ESD top glass
  • Real time reflow profile display integrated in the machine
  • Signal light column

  • VS-500-V


    The main applications are SMD soldering of all types of boards, even the most complex ones, conductive adhesives and repair.

  • The concept of the vapour phase allows today,
  • Reduction of fluid (medium) consumption by means of a unique steam recovery system; strongly reducing production costs
  • Fast return on investment and high capacity for mixed productions
  • Optimal soldering quality in inert atmosphere
  • Compensation of pressure fluctuations in the tank
  • Incomparable temperature delta over the entire work area compared to other technologies
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Subassembly repair: reworking
  • High reliability for all types of soldering
  • Precision and reproducibility

  • sérigraphie pour pose de pâte à braser pour carte CMS
    sérigraphie pour pose de pâte à braser pour carte CMS
    sérigraphie pour pose de pâte à braser pour carte CMS

        Galden fluid     5 liters
        Reflow time     30 - 120 seconds
        Complete cycle     25 minutes
        Soldering temperature     210 to 240 ºC (depend on fluid)
        Cooling     group
        Dim. maxi PCB ( L x D x H)     500 x 500 x 60 mm (19.6" x 19.6" x 2.3")
        Dimensions (L x D x H)     830 x 775 x 1140 mm
        Energy     3 x 400VAC + N / 50Hz
        Power     7500 W

    Types of Galden

        Reference     LS200     LS215     LS230     HS240     HS260
         Ebullition point      200 °C     215 °C     230 °C     240 °C     260°C
        Applications      &SN PB       &SN PB        ROHS         ROHS          ROHS   

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