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Lead free solder bath RoHS

Manual soldering

Solder bath for soldering, desoldering, wire tinning for lead and lead free alloy

Tin solder pot - Lead free solder bath ROHS titanium

   Brochure Solder pot

Rectangular tank made with titanium. Ideal for soldering and tinning of small parts or PCB electronics.
Adjustable temperature between 200°C et 600°C.

According to the European Directive No. 2003/95/EC RoHS, which has been valid since 2006, it is no longer possible to use harmful substances such as lead. It is therefore necessary to use types of tin alloys that do not contain lead.
These lead-free stains have aggressive characteristics in relation to the metals they come into contact with. Therefore, in the construction of cast iron pots is no longer possible due to rapid corrosion of the pot.
For this reason, a new type of soldering pot has been created with titanium . This type of crucible offers a higher resistance to wear and tear.

- temperature adjustable from 200 - 600 degrees C
- titanium melting pot
- iron-clad heat element 230V - Power 200 to 2000 W
- thermal insulation
- cover protection
- round solder pots size diameter range from 50mm up to 100mm, deep 40mm
- rectangular and square solder pots size width range from 55mm up to 280mm, deep 45mm

Round solder pots

CODE Pot (mm) Alloy (Kg) Power (W)
LMS-50 50 x 40 0.6 250
LMS-80 80 x 40 1.5 400
LMS-100 100 x 40 2.0 500

Recatangular solder pots
CODE Pot (mm) Alloy (Kg) Power (W)
LMS-5555 55 x 55 x 45 1.3 300
LMS-8080 80 x 80 x 45 2.1 400
LMS-1070 100 x 70 x 45 2.3 500
LMS-1010 100 x 100 x 45 3.3 700
LMS-1510 150 x 100 x 45 4.9 1000
LMS-2015 200 x 150 x 45 9.8 1500
LMS-2516 250 x 160 x 45 13.0 1800
LMS-2820 280 x 200 x 45 18.3 2000

Pot d'étain en titane
Titanium solder pot
Résistance de chauffe infra-rouge
Infrared heater resistor
Pot d'étain en titane
Thermal protection
Carte de commande
Command board

Supply of custom RoHS lead-free solder baths -- on request only --