IMDES SMT OVEN forced convection with hot air

RohS reflow soldering process

This reflow oven is compatible with Rohs lead-free technologies.

   Modèle de table - IMDES OVEN SMT hot air smt reflow oven
Convection oven with hot air circulation

- soldering prototypes and small series of boards - curing SMD glue This oven can be used to reflow solder boards up to 350 x 300 mm.
Based on a standard infrared oven, this oven has been customized in terms of heating and software to meet the needs of laboratories and small structures for soldering prototype boards or small batches.
It is compatible with the ROHS lead-free process.
The heating is from resistor and infrared tubes and is then pulsed by convection in the reflow chamber.
Energy consumption is also minimized.


  • 1. Uniform heat distribution through a hot air system
  • 2. Large reflow chamber capable of soldering PCBs up to 350 x 300 mm
  • 3. Complete controlled heating cycle, even the cooling speed is controlled and an exhaust outlet is used to extract the fumes.
  • 4. Pre-heated chamber at the base to speed up reflow cycles. The software maintains the oven at 100 degrees after the first cycle.

    Please note that this equipment is dedicated to board prototyping and is not designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    Specifications OVEN SMT
    Max reflow temperature : 260º C
    Max power : 2,4KW avec 3 heaters
    Cooling internal ventilation and a 100 mm hose cooling outlet
    Extern dimensions (W x D x H) : 523 x 500 x 314 mm
    Max PCB size : 350 x 300 mm
    Programming: by touch screen / 4 stored reflow profiless
    Ttemperature measurement thermocouple
    Power supply: 220VAC / 16 Amp

    Order reference : SMT-OVEN-IMDES

    four de refusion SMT-OVEN Small SMT
    four de refusion SMT-OVEN Small SMT
    four de refusion SMT-OVEN Small SMT

      Exemple os setting Time             Temperature        
    Pre-heat 10 sec. 100ºC
    Reflow & cooling 60 sec. 240ºC