Profiler TWS RT-04

Profiler temperature recorder for reflow oven and wave soldering machine
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The profiler TWS RT-04 allows you to register the temperature on your cards in a reflow oven, wave.
The device is simple to use and can save the graphs of temperatures and thermal gradients.
Its use is important to develop profiles for solder and secure over time.
The device can record 54 minutes.
It has 4 channels for thermocouples type K
The recorded data can then be saved to a PC.
Cable length of thermocouples 0.5 and 3 meters.

Specifications :

Inputs : 4 channels with thermocouples
Memory : 16384 samples/channel
Sampling : 200ms, 500ms,1s
Sampling time : 200 msec / cycle.
Resolution: 0.02 ºC (acquisition) - 0.1 ºC (storage).
Temperature range : 0 - 500 ºC.
Communication : Serial RS 232 or compatible (Baud rate 4800 - 38400)
Batterie : 7.2 V (batterie loader included)
Reading OS : PC Windows 95-98-NT-2000-XP-VISTA
Size & weight : 95 x 130 x 14 mm; 210 gr

Profileur de température pour four de refusion et machine de brasage à la vague
             Profileur RT-04

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