Preforming & Lead Cutting Device Type C 092

Preforming & Cutting Streckfuss C 092

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Description C092 :

The model C 092 has been developed to process taped components with holepitches of 12.7 mm and 15 mm with one machine. To eliminate any kind of inconsistencies due to variances in taping, this machine is fitted with a touch-tool that will verify the cut length.

The machine was developed with two processing units for multiple die sets. The die inserts can be exchanged very quickly. Because of the dual processing-units a wide range of bending and stamping forms can be processed.


  • roll-off block for all in trade reels
  • electronic counter, which cuts off the Automat automatically when the pre-defined number of items is reached.

    - Dimensions 650 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm
    - weight approx. 35 kg
    - Alimentation 230 VAC / 50 Hz / 110 W
    - PLC Siemens SPS "LOGO"
    - Air pressure 6 bar
    - PITCH min: 2.5 mm, max.: shape dependent
    - Tape PITCH 12.7 mm and 15 mm
    - Ø wire 0.4 - 1.0 mm
    - Components packaging tape or ammopack
    - Productivity 4.200 comps/hr if body distance
    6.300 comps/hr if tape distance
  • C092