Cut and Japanese form for axial components in tape machine type C 043 BV

Streckfuss C 043 BV

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Description C043E :
The model C043/BV is designed to form axial leaded components for vertical mounting.
Fully adjustable, a wide variety of form shapes are possible through the use of interchangeable die sets and mounting kits.
Tooling changes can be made quickly and easily. All set up adjustments are simple to make and secured to provide accurate forming of each component.
The transport assembly is adjusted for the width of the tape and feeds the components into the die sets.
Once in position the component leads are clamped securely and the cutting and forming dies advanced cutting and forming the right lead first and then the left lead.
Clamping the leads and forming them independently helps to eliminate stress at the lead seal during the forming process.
Depending on the form configuration, any lead features required such as stand off snap-ins are put in the leads at this point.
After the leads have been cut and formed, the dies retract and the bending dies advance to bend the leads to vertical mounting.
The bending die is then retracted and the finished component is ejected into a bin for collection.

- dimensions
840 x 480 x 450 mm
- weight
approx. 45 kg
- electrical
230 V / 50 Hz / 200 W
- bending tool
vertical bendings only
- pitch
2.5 mm and 5.0mm (option 7.5mm)
- lead Ø 0.4 to 1.3 mm
- components taped
- production rate max 7.000 pcs/hr (continuously variable)
- Option - manual supplyment for lose components
- digital component counter
- survey for component-roll or ammo-pack


Description C043BV :

C043 E