Cutting, Stamping and Forming Device Type C 042 for loose package

Streckfuss Type C 042

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The machine Type C 042 is designed to cut, stamp and bend the leads of axial components.
By the use of interchangeable tool sets a variety of form configurations can be achieved with this device.
The change can be done easy and secured in less than two minutes.

The settings will be displayed on the scale of the device.
The embossing for the leads are tooling-specific. This tools are produced to meet customer requirements.

The components are hand fed into the tooling.
The component body has to be centered between the bending anvils.
After the Foot pedal is depressed, the component leads are clamped on both sides.
The leads are then cut to length and depending on the form shape the required lead features are put in the leads at this time. After that, the leads are bend to the 90º configuration.
The processed component is then rejected by the front of the device.

- dimension 300 x 500 x 210 mm
- weight approx. 8 kg
- air pressure 4 to 6 bar
- pitch mini. C 042: 10 mm
C 042/S: 12,5 mm
- pitch maxi. C 042: 70 mm
C 042/S: 70 mm
- Ø wire C 042: max.0,8 mm
C 042/S: max. 1,3 mm
- components loose
- operation manual via foot pad pneumatic
- productivity 2.500 pcs/hr