Burst-und-zick - Solder Lug inserting Device Streckfuss A040, 040/B, A040R, A041, A042, D020

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  Description Type A040

The solder lug insertion device Type A 040 is designed to insert pre-stored solder lugs into p. c. boards. The components are supplied automatically to the device, and will be pressed into the p. c. board by an air cylinder. Therefore, the p. c. board has to be held to the setting position manually, and a tracer finger then triggers the setting process.
The inserting device will handle all usual in the trade solder lugs, which are lined up on wire or adhesive tape. Replacing the insertion head and the bin makes it possible, to process solder tags with different dimensions and forms. The re-tooling is easy, and takes only a few minutes.

Machine Type A 040/B : Solder lug inserting device with tape feeder

Machine Type A 040 R : Solder lug inserting device with for solder lugs from a bowl-feeder

Machine Type A 041 : Solder lug inserting device with circuit bord guide and light point projector

Machine Type A 042 : Solder lug inserting device for Round pins

Machine Type D 020 : pressing edge connectors into p.c. boards


insertion Faston Type A 040/R
- dimension 320 x 600 x 600 mm
- weight approx. 20 kg
- electricity 230V / 50 Hz / 100W
- air 3,5 - 4,0 bar
- loader 300 to 400 lugs in tape
- productivity one per second


A040 R


A040 B

Machine model M88 for automatic insertion of eyelets on a PCB in line