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INSPECTOSCAN Scanner FAI - Inspector / First Article Inspection

inspection optique automatique basée scanner

The FAI INSPECTOSCAN First Article Inspection allows simple inspection of the first board, which is particularly interesting for the high mixed production of multi references.
Unlike & agrave; a classic AOI, it is not necessary to have a good first card for programming the vision machine.

The FAI-inspector has three modes of operation :

  • Manual Mode . All the components are validated manually by the operator with the view of the actual component, the component's chart on the device map, and the package, value, and data information.
  • Automatic Mode . The components are compared in relation to a stored image, and only the error components are shown to the operator for validation.
  • Mounting Mode This mode is a manual aid for traditional or CMS components.
    The components are validated either by their topo rep or by their article code.

    The machine controls all SMD components up to 0201 and traditional THT components.
    Fault coverage includes the verification of the component presence, the polarity, the XY shift and rotation, the reading of the marking, the errors of re-occurrence and package color variations.
    The programming only requires the import of the name information, the component reference, the package, the X coordinates and the Y coordinates, the Rotation.
    This information comes from CAD files and / or SMD placement files.
    Any modification of sizing, rotation, polarity and positioning can be adjusted using the appropriate fields in the CAD conversion file.
    The file conversion tool is compatible with most CAD and SMT machines.
    The error reports for each board can be viewed, printed, saved or emailed. your customers for quick prototype reviews.

    Site map
    Using the layout is another simple and effective tool that guarantees you that the inspection performed is correct, not only in relation to your location database and XY positions, but also for orientation or polarity components.

    The software simultaneously displays the real component on the map and the component with its orientation on the layout plan. A PDF or JPG file of the Scan of a map can be overlapped. with the layout plan to facilitate readability.

    ALEADER CAMERA FAI - Inspector / First Article Inspection

    The FAI software makes it possible to realize immediately after manufacture a manual or semi-automatic inspection of all the components of the first production board.

    The setting of the program is done in relation to the library components and the equipment plan.

    This software is compatible with all AOI ALeader.

    Inspection du Premier Article