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PCB BGA X ray inspection machine
Seamark ZM X6600 AXI X-Ray tester
Off-line X-Ray Inspection Machine

X-Ray Inspection Machine for BGA, fine pitch IC's, THT solder joint

X-Ray inspection system Seamark X6600

X6600 is a cost-effective general-purpose offline precision microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment for electronic PCB. It is suitable for the inspection of various factory offline products. This AXI inspection machine has the characteristics of high magnification, multi-angle inspection, and a large-area inspection platform.

  • High definition X-ray imaging
  • . Outils logiciels d'inspection puissants
  • Secure means
  • Simple use
  • No maintenance

  • X-Ray inspection system Seamark X6600 :
  • CMS - SMT / Semi conducteur / Wafer solaire / Connecteur / LED
  • High definition image: Slanting / Bridge / Voids / Cold Solder / Bonding wire.
  • Closed X-ray tube; 90KV, 5 micons with long life,
    easy maintenance.
  • High resolution 1.3 million pixel flat panel digital detector.
  • 30 degree observation
  • Navigation par image couleur, utilisation intuitive
  • Automatic error detection and automatic OK / NOK analysis.
  • Multi-map panel observation point adjustment.

  • Applications :
    1) Inspection of defects in IC encapsulation, e.g., layer separation, cracks, voids/voids and line integrity.
    2) Chip size measurement, line curvature measurement, component solder area proportion measurement.
    3) Possible defects in PCB manufacturing processes, e.g., misalignment, solder bridge and opening.
    4) Inspection and measurement of SMT solder shorts, cold solder, offset components, solder deficiency, vacuum in solder.
    5) Inspection of defects in open, short or abnormal connections that may occur in wiring harnesses and automotive connectors.
    6) Inspection for internal breakage or voiding in plastic or metal.
    7) Checks for uniformity of battery stacking and electrode welding.
    8) Inspection of seed, biological material, etc.


    Voids inspection

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