SMT component reel management
Electronics manufacturing SMD reels traceability smart storage - SMT component




smd tape smart storage

Module for vertical storage of SMD components
Trolley for loading P&P on the production line

Designed to simplify and automate the management of components within the company.

Exceptional space and time saving, it allows to file a support (reel, tray or stick) in 5 seconds with all the information related to the component and to take the necessary component in about 3 seconds.
Industry 4.0 ready.

An orderly and connected component management will generate productivity gains for your company.
It reduces production line procurement times, simplifies operations, avoids errors and enables full traceability.
Until now, smart storage solutions have only been available to companies that can make large investments, but with our cabinet, you can finally consider organizing your inventory in an efficient and cost-effective way.
With a cost of less than 15 euros per position (in the rack configuration for 7" SMD reels), our system offers an extremely competitive price/performance ratio.

smd tape smart storage

smd tape smart storage
Side view - Double load capacity for 7" reels
smd tape smart storage
shelf for trays, sticks or bulk components
smd tape smart storage
Touch screen and barcode reader to check all used and in-stock strips 2D/3D label printing possible

smd tape smart storage
Shelves can be purchased individually to be positioned in any area of the business for modular and customized solutions.
smd tape smart storage
Comparison of space savings for 480 component types in 7-inch tape + 30 types in 15-inch tape
smd tape smart storage

Archimede module with hand scanner

Archimede module with camera scanner

Rack for non standard elements

Archimede tape width setting

Ordering references :
- Cabinet with barcode reader : ARCHI
- Cabinet with barcode reader + mobility pack : ARCHI+MP
- Rack 60 reels 8mm - 7 inch : SHELF-7
- Rack 60 reels 8mm - 10 inch : SHELF-10
- Rack 30 reels 12/16mm - 13 inch : SHELF-13
- Rack large 30 reels 12/16mm - 13 inch : SHELF-13L
- Rack 30 reels 12/16mm - 15 inch : SHELF-15
- Rack large 30 reels 12/16mm - 15 inch : SHELF-15L
- Drawers for tray : SHELF-T
- Drawers for stick : SHELF-TL
- Empty shelve : SHELF-M
Options list :
- PC serveur : Server-SW
- mobility pack : ARCHI+MP
- scanner : ARCHI+CS
- scanner double face : ARCHI+CC
- display & barcode reader double face : ARCHI+DD
- display & scanner double face : ARCHI+DC
- battery : ARCHI+B