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Selective soldering systems with wettable and jet nozzles DIP & DRAG Soldering

Following the definitive closure of ZIPA TEC GmbH,
we provide service and sales of spare parts for your machines.
We also offer second-hand machines models Select 250 and Select 460.

Selectif soldering RohS - - - - Soldering Systems

The Select-Series - the Most Economical Step into Selective Soldering.

It contributes fully to make reliable and increase the quality of the products current.
The important cost for this type of high-end machine is always a brake for investments in small businesses.

The SELECT series of machines now offers new possibilities, particularly for manufactured products with limited budgets.
Streckfuss Select, the high quality solution, the most economical of soldering selective.

ZIPATEC SELECT - Used machines

Machine for maximum board size of 250 x 250 mm

Machine for maximum board size of 460 x 460 mm

Selective soldering machine for cards with a maximum dimension of 280 x 250 mm

       Documentation Select 250

Machine for maximum board size of 460 x 460 mm

       Documentation Select 460