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Manual soldering

Manual soldering l

Apollo SSB - Manual soldering station

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Soldering station TTM-3000N

The high-powered soldering station provides 100 watts of soldering power.
The extremely fast heat up & temperature recovery, along with the ability to integrate N2 gas, make the TTM -3000N ideal for lead free soldering.
The N2 gas can be pumped directly into the TTM-3000N via APN-05 generator or factory supplied Nitrogen.
Statistical temperature data can be downloaded to a PC using an optical USB cable.
This station can be equipped with an automatic solder wire feeder mechanism.

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Soldering station TTM-1000H

This economical equipment is designed to produce lead free soldering with no static electricity.
The only necessary replacement part is the iron tip.

Apollo SSB - solder wire feeder mechanism

iron with solder wire feeder mechanism SSB

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This is the integral unit to increase efficiency of manual solder work.
Handling the iron unit.
Feed the solder workers can make these actions with one hand.
As the solder feeder feeds a given quantity of solder if using the timer control, it contributes to stable quality.
There are two choices of iron unit, pistol type or pencil type.
In addition there are more than 20 kinds of iron tip, and we will propose the best type.

Iron Unit
You can select the PM Iron Unit or AM Iron Unit depending on the application type.
The liquid surface of the solder tank SSA management

You can easily manage the liquid surface of the solder tank using the SSA. The solder feed and slow switching speed and high speed processing is possible from external IO. There is also jam detection feature off solder solder, you can use with confidence.

These feeding units utilize a set of pinch rollers to feed the wire. The Zero Solder Ball (ZSB) rollers are not available on the SSA or SSB. If this feature is required, please visit the solder ball reduction section of the ACCESSORIES page on our site.

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Straight feeder
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Curved feeder
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Pistol with straight feeder

Apollo SSA / SSB - Automatic feeder unit

Automatic wire solder feeder unit

The solder can be fed forward or reverse and controlled by an external I/O controller. In addition it can be attached to the equipment as a feeder of automation soldering.
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Unit for manual solder station
Unité de dévidage de fil pour fer semi automatique fer semi automatique

Apollo SZB - High power station

High power station SZB-7000

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This soldering station consists of a temperature controller and ZSB rollers which helps prevent the solder from spattering. This system is very efficient and easy to use. The SZB-7000 has two iron unit options to choose from: The pistol or pencil type iron unit.
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Feeder unit ZSB
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