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MP Dry Cabinet T140 high temperature special polemerisation conformal coating

MP Dry Cabinet T140

An intelligent heating and safety solution

Specifically designed for PCB conformal coating applications, the T140 offers an advanced lacquer curing solution.
With heating up to 140°C, the T140 will ensure quick and reliable results with a build quality never seen before.
We have integrated a full graphical touch screen into the T140 that can display all process parameters.
You can even set the temperature at which you want our discreet and highly effective magnetic locking system to unlock.
With this unique system, you can make sure the cabinet stays locked until it is at a safe temperature to open.
Our unique RFID system allows you to assign operators to the cabinet based on their ID cards.
You can make sure that operators not assigned to the cabinet are unable to open it.
Hence you are always in control of your production line.

- External dimensions: 825 x 2050 x 690 mm (incl. 350 mm exhaust)
- Internal dimensions: 630 x 780 x 440 mm
- Volume: 260 liters
- 3 stainless steel shelves, adjustable in steps of 20 mm

   Brochure MPDRY T140