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Iron Manual & semi-automatic soldering

soldering station

manual and semi automatic soldering station

Soldering station TTM-3000N


Basic advice for lead-free solder

  • Avoid soldering at temperatures above 385°C. The increase in soldering tip erosion would be significant, and the flux could be burned off too quickly, leaving residue on the surface of the tip. Lowering the soldering temperature will reduce oxidation and flux spatter.
  • The use of soldering stations ensures optimum heat transfer and avoids the need to raise the temperature.
  • Larger tips ensure better heat transfer. Always use the largest soldering tip possible, depending on the need.
  • Dry cleaning with air or brushes prolongs the wettability of the tip.
  • To limit oxidation, make sure that the tinned part of the tip is always well cleaned. Never clean the tip before putting the iron back in its holder, but tin it.
  • Use all available functions to lower the temperature of the soldering tip (stand-by, automatic switch-off) or switch off the soldering station during breaks.
  • Tin the soldering tip regularly with tin wire and use soldering tip activator flux from time to time.
  • The lifetime of the soldering tip is increased by using a quality solder wire of the Almit type.