EASY PIPE - Cutting machine for heat-shrinkable sheath, wire, plastic tube, metal braid

Film trimming, heat shrinkable tubing, wire, tube plastic, braid, other materials ...


      Documentation EASY PIPE

The EASY PIPE is a universal cutting machine.
It allows to cut completely and automatically different types of pipes, tubes, ducts, cables and small materials.
The EASY PIPE is able to cut pipes up to 10 mm diameter and flexible ducts up to 80 mm wide for the basic model.
The equipment can be customized by replacing the guides and blades and changing the cutting distance.

Materials :
PVC pipe, heat shrink tube, PVC pipe, fiberglass tube, Teflon, corrugated tube, etc.
Cable, flat cable, wires, etc.
Tape, cotton webbing, plastic tape, zipper, conductive strips, foam, etc.
Plastic foil, rubber, copper, aluminum, PVC, plastic film, reflective film, double-sided adhesive tape, insulation film, paper, PE, etc... Wire or steel cable up to Ø 1 mm in option.

  • Parameter setting: PLC with LCD display
  • Max. diameter : tube up to 10 mm
  • Cut flexible tubing up to 80 mm wide, larger width optional
  • Tube length: 1 mm to 10 meters
  • Speed: 70-100 pcs / min. (L = 100 mm)
  • Accuracy: 0.002 mm X L (L = Cutting length), min. 0.1mm
  • Power: AC220V 50Hz / 600W
  • Dimensions of the machine: 430 x 300 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 33kg.

    Option outlet cover

    Roll Support Arm

    Screen / keyboard for programming

    Easy Pipe-S : Cuting diverse materials

    Easy Unroal + Easy Pipe-ST : for metal foil cut