Cable shield braid brushing twisting machine

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B3-101A Cable shielding brusching machine

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The brush machine is designed for the de-stressing of cables with braided metal shielding.
Depending on the choice of brushes, it can de-braid a shield that has up to 95% overlap.
Brushing of the braid is carried out without damage by means of two round brushes rotating in opposite directions.
- Use for de-braiding cable shields
- Brush size up to 70 mm max.
- Reversal of the direction of rotation in a 2nd step to make a folding of the screen
- Quick and easy removal of the brushes for individual adaptation of the brushes to the braid type
- Adjustment of the brush spacing to the wire rope diameter by means of a knurled wheel
- Brush speed adjustment for shield de-interlacing

Configuration :
- Brush in brass
- Pedal command

Specifications :
- Speed adjustable up to 1600 rpm
- Dimensions 340x340 mm
- Weight 10 kg
- Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
- Puissance : 100 Watts
bushing detressage

B3-104A - Machine for cable shield braid twisting

         Documentation B3 104

La machine B3-104A achine is designed for mechanical twisting of shield wires previously de-interlaced by brushing.
- Customized twisting power adjustment for each type of strands
- Reproducible result which is a function of the final diameter to be obtained by monitoring the compression force.
- Automatic adaptation to all cross-sections

Specifications :
- Twist length up to 8 - 80 mm
- Finale section 0.2 - 2 mm2
- Power supply 230V / 50 Hz
- Air 6 bars

STRIPPER-TWISTER - Machine for stripping wire and twisting


Machine for stripping wire and twisting the copper strands.

Specifications :
- Stripping length : 3 - 45 mm
- Twisting length : 3 - 45 mm
- Section : AWG26 - AWG10
      (0.14 - 5 mm2)
- Power supply 230V / 50 Hz

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