EASY STRIP - pneumatic stripping machine for wire cable conductors

Pneumatic stripping machine


EASY STRIP is a simple, cheap and safe electro-pneumatic stripping machine that is operated with a foot pedal connected to it.

This equipment allows the stripping (or middle-stripping) of one or more conductors through a simple and quick operation.
Turning its knobs you also have the possibility to strip wires of different sections and sizes, changing stripping lengths from 1mm to 50mm and also the displacement of the insulation stripped.

In line with CE standards, EASY STRIP has some protections that guarantee the safety distance during its use.
It's supplied with an electric foot pedal, a power cable for mains supply 220V and a tube with a diameter of 8mm for the connection to the pneumatic system.

coupe denudage de cable
coupe denudage de cable

coupe denudage de cable

Stripping of a single conductor cable

Stripping of a multi-conductor cable

Stripping extern insulator, then stripping intern multi-conductors