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  • Universal Cutting and Forming Machine
    Type C 069 G

    for belted radial Components and touch-facility to eliminate any kind of Belt Tolerances




    component component component component component
    - dimension 1100 x 550 x 500 mm
    - weight approx. 30 kg
    - electrical 230 V / 50 Hz / 250 W
    - compressed air 6 bar
    - Tools double-processing unit (forming upwards and downwards is possible)
    - pitch 2,54; 5,08; 7,62 mm
    - lead max. 0,8 mm
    - operation engine (continuously variable)
    - components delivery: roll or ammo-pack
    outgoing: loose
    - production rate 3.500 pcs/hr
    - Optional - preselection counter and batch counter

    - tape-chopper

    - combined location for reel or ammo-pack



    To eliminate belt-tolerances the Burst & Zick machine Type C 069 G was developed with an integrated touch-facility. With this all usual in the trade component-belts which meet the IEC-Norm can effortless be processed. The component is formed and cut with a maximum tolerance of 0,1 mm. The supply of components is exclusively done by reel. For this the machine has a combined location for reel and amo-pack.

    To save set-up time all necessary toolkits for specific formings are mounted in one unit. These toolkits can be inserted or exchanged within a very short time. When inserting a toolkit the driving-mechanism automatically will be locked.

    The machine is prepared to keep 2 processing-units. One unit performs upward formings and the other performs downward formings. After the components have been formed and cut they are ejected into a bin for collection.

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