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  • Streckfuss Type C058 Strong universal Cutting Device for radial components

    Cutting with blade



    - dimension 780 x 230 x 110 mm
    - weight approx. 28 kg
    - air pressure 6 bar
    - de fil on demand
    - cutting lenght standard 3 mm (other dimensions in option)
    - operation manual via foot pad pneumatic
    - productivity 2.000 pcs/hr
    Cutting plate special grid only



    The device Type C 058 is designed to cut the leads of axial and radial components incl. ICs to the required length.

    Even female connectors can be processed with this device. A diagonal arranged cutting knife is be driven over the whole working surface, so each component terminal is cutted by itself.

    The plates are made of high quality tooling-steel, hardened to 60 HRC and polished.

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